Sunday, October 21, 2018

As a season ticket holder there are two things I think I might be looking the most forward to. #1 a wider concourse, #1b better food, and #2 the new scoreboard. This video is pretty impressive. With full HD, the size, and the ice projection system this looks great!! I included 1b the food only because this has to be a given. Rexall had the worst food so I’m assuming food improvement is a given.

I constantly read in the paper, or are exposed to the public through work, where people in the public are upset with a policy or a design decision. Not because they have expertise to know the difference but simply because they don’t get it, or don’t understand it, or simple don’t like it. Now this opinion is great, it opens dialogue to test the recommendation and see if it survives this scrutiny. The issue is when the original recommendation is not altered once criticism is made. People get upset because they expressed their opinion, but it wasn’t implemented, usually for good reason. I’m always amazed that people with no expertise, or little expertise, who were not part of the original development process feel entitled to dismiss an idea and openly criticize it. Most amazing is how upset they become. I would hope we don’t want cities, governments, and business run based solely on what someone’s inexperienced opinion is, and implemented for no reason better than that is was simply made. An opinion is not always a great idea, it wasn’t created through dialogue, design iterations, cost implications, technical merit, reality, experience, and a thorough understanding of the objectives. It’s just an opinion. It’s worth consideration, but consideration isn’t the same as being a binding decision.

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