Sunday, October 21, 2018

This is my blog, because the world needs me to express my thoughts more than i already do! or so the voices have told me. No one will read this so I have nothing to worry about!

Why WITHAWYE, it’s simply the way I spell both my names . . .  with a Y. I thought it was clever 🙂

Who am I? Well i’m cursed with (almost) always being right, a designer, a Dad, a loyal Oilers fan, occasionally humble, Starbucks preferred.

My opinions are my own.

My posts vary from my amateur photography, the Edmonton Oilers, around the City of Edmonton, technology, opinions, and travel.

If you don’t like my opinions that’s fine, just keep the comments civil, pretend your mother is looking over your shoulder watching every word typed. I have no time for negativity or ignorance but I’m more than willing to listen to an informed and compelling opinion.

Please enjoy.