Sunday, October 21, 2018

2017 Playoff ticket renewal was couriered on Monday. The prices, although not surprising, were still a little shocking. I understand this is where the real profit for team ownership comes from, but when viewed as only a percent increase, the increases are significant. The following table is for my season tickets in the lower bowl, aisle seats, offensive zone, row 17. I’ve had Season’s tickets for over 20 years and already accepted a hefty price increase to move into Rogers Place.

Our round tickets go up 60% and round 4 when it happens is a whopping 220% increase. Of course the street value for these tickets will be even higher, the demand will be high, and with each round the hype and anticipation will get higher.

The total potential cost of the playoffs, assuming 4 rounds x 4 games maximum per round = 16 games will be $4,928 for 16 games. The regular season cost is 45 games for $6,300.00. $308/game vs $140.00/game.

I won’t debate the entertainment value of playoff hockey, but paying double the price seems like an extreme way to treat your loyal customers. Of course the tickets will sell out, of course we’ll renew, people will make buckets of money selling them privately, and of course the Oilers will probably win the Stanley Cup 😉

Sportsnet Article on the same subject. Nice of them to link my tweet 🙂


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